Cooking with Matcha Tea

When you think about matcha tea, usually the thoughts of a relaxing beverage or an exhilarating facial treatment come to mind. Did you know that you can also cook with matcha? In fact, matcha tea adds a wide range of cancer-fighting, age-defying, heart-disease-battling, cure-all power to any dish you add it to. Among all of the super-foods that are available today, matcha tea is one of the most effective and it is something that you should definitely try to incorporate into your daily ritual!

Matcha green powdered tea has been used in Japanese ceremonies for centuries and it is grown and processed differently than many other teas. The plant is grown in the shade, the whole young leaves and stems are then removed and finely milled, ensuring that when you drink or cook with it, you are getting all of the plant’s vitamins and antioxidants. Matcha tea comes in different grades, some of which are better than others, offering up to 100 times the tea’s special antioxidant, epigallo-catechin gallate. Here at Ocha Matcha we use Premium Matcha, which is one grade higher than the traditional ceremonial tea, which provides you with a high quality, nutrient rich tea.

Of course, with all of the health benefits matcha offers, it is no surprise that it has been welcomed into some of popular London restaurants like The Modern Pantry and Ice Cream Union. Made popular by pastry chefs like Chef Jen Yee of Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery, in Soho, NYC, and used for its vibrant colour, matcha powder is being used in macaroons and other delectable pastries making them not only delicious, but healthy as well. Whatever matcha recipe you decide to use it will impart a very distinct earthy, bitter flavour (great with dark chocolate) and add colour to almost anything you can create. From seared scallops and other seafood, to baked goods including brownies, cakes and savoury pastries, matcha is as versatile as it is healthy.

The key to using matcha in your recipes (for inspiration see below) at home is to buy high quality matcha from a reputable source. There are a lot of companies selling matcha and finding one that offers premium matcha tea at competitive prices with free global shipping is important. For more information and a closer look at how Ocha Matcha is focused on providing the highest quality Matcha available, contact us today.


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