About Ocha Matcha

Ocha Matcha premium matcha tea

Our organic matcha tea is certified by JAS (Japanese Agriculture Standard) and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), which means you can be confident in our quality. We only use the leaf whereas some matcha contains the stems and veins, giving the finished tea a bitter flavour and diluting the nutritional qualities. Our premium matcha tea contains all of the good stuff and nothing else!

 Matcha tea JAS & USDA logos

Japan region

Ocha Matcha is grown in the Nishio region in the heart of the Aichi prefecture in Japan which is known for producing the highest quality matcha green tea powder. It is here that is perfect for growing tea leaves due to its favourable climate, fresh water and fertile soil. This helps produce green tea leaves that have more nutrients than those found in any other region of Japan!

Matcha tea grown in Nishio on a map of Japan

Why is Ocha Matcha better than others?

Not all matcha tea is created equally. We believe in only serving the best, which is why we only sell grade A premium matcha tea powder (which is a grade above ceremonial matcha tea). Ocha Matcha premium matcha green tea is healthier and tastes better (not bitter!). Our matcha tea is grown with 3 layers of shade cover, maximizing the chlorophyll content.

It is grown with love, hand picked by skilled workers (ensuring that only young leaves and buds are used), quality tested, packed and distributed by our green ninja warriors.

Ocha Matcha is ground in the traditional way by granite stones in a carefully-controlled environment, which protects the nutrients in the matcha powder. This means when you drink Ocha Matcha you are taking the entire leaf with all its benefits. Some matcha processes use air pulverisation methods to grind the leaves, but that friction can damage the nutrients and means you don't get all the magic power from matcha green tea powder (we make sure you get all the green magic).

Ocha Matcha is tested in a laboratory to verify its nutrient profile and quality.

Premium matcha tea compared to ceremonial matcha tea