Grade A 100% organic premium matcha green tea (save 10%) (3 x 30g)

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JAS certified logo   100% organic certified by JAS and USDA.

Ocha Matcha™ premium grade matcha green tea is the highest quality matcha tea possible. Our matcha powder is one grade higher than ceremonial matcha tea making it even tastier and healthier. EPremium matcha powderach green tea leaf is specially selected & carefully hand-picked by Japanese green tea farmers and granite stone-ground into a fine green tea powder.

Ocha Matcha premium grade matcha green tea has an elegant aroma, vivid green colour and is very complex yet sophisticated overall.

100% organic certified by JAS and USDA. Each tin is good for between 20 - 30 servings.

Harvest Time: 2017 from Nishio region, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Type: Thick, Koicha

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